Meet April

Hey! I'm the owner/creator of The Nourish Co! It all started in 2015, where I set up base inside my parents guitar all honesty there has never been much of a plan behind it all, simply ideas, opportunities and the desire to let them blossom into what we have now - a beautiful community of kind, conscious beings, which I'm sure will continue to evolve in wonderful ways! I work alongside my friends, I love cooking, I love creating and together it all makes perfect sense! You'll find me in the cafe 5 days a week and when I'm not in the cafe, I'm often playing music with my band Boat Rich, hanging out with my 2 bunnies, Luna and Cashew or getting snug at home with a good book and bowl of noodles! 


Meet Cleo

Cleo and I met back in 2012 at a yoga class, soon after our meeting she left to travel Australia but the universe made sure we reconnected upon her return! Almost every week we'd meet for a countryside stroll, chat about life and my ideas to open a vegan cafe...It didn't take long for ideas to manifest and 4 years on, Cleo is a huge part of the Nourish family and has been here since Day 1! If she's not in the cafe munching on cucumbers or making the finest smoked aubergine marinade (no-one makes it like she does!) then you'll find her hanging out with her awesome pup Koko, wandering in nature or getting snug at home with a big bag of pop chips and entire melon to herself! 


Meet Maddie

Maddie and I met back in 2016, she was dating the singer of my band at the time and we bonded over a love of sushi and yoga! Since then we've lived together and become best buddies! She's been a part of the Nourish team for 3 years and currently works part time in the cafe alongside working as a freelance photographer and creative! When she's not in the cafe, you'll find her doodling, meditating or curled up with her pup Saffy!

Meet Amy

Amy joined the team this year after moving to Colchester to study at the university of Essex! She studies Marine Biology and has a huge love for the ocean, surfing and sustainability! When she's not at the cafe, you'll find her brainstorming ideas for her van conversion project and spreading her knowledge of all things DIY and eco friendly! 

Meet Kelsey

We met lovely Kelsey through a dear friend and yoga teacher. She's come all the way from California (my favourite place in the world!) and is staying with us until she continues her travels to India early next year. She's such a warm and wonderful soul and we're so grateful to have her over these festive months! When she's not in the cafe, you'll find her at one with nature, working magic with crystals and oils and learning about the wonders of plant medicine!