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Rebel Yoga Club Restorative Yin Yoga

Reset your stress system and find your inner peace

  • Free / By Donation
  • Online Zoom Class

Service Description

Hello lovely humans! I'm super excited to be launching Rebel Yoga Club! 🤘🏻 I've decided to offer these classes for free or by donation for the month of March. We're living in pretty intense times and both these classes - Yin and Kundalini Global - offer a way to reset your system and come back to your most empowered self! ❤️ MARCH TIMETABLE: Monday Evenings // 6:30pm - 1 hour // Restorative Yin Yoga Bring blankets and pillows galore... this is your time to be held and supported. This class is all about the beauty of simply being. In our restorative yin yoga class, we hold poses for 3-5 minutes, working deeply into our fascia - which when released, helps to reset our stress system. Come along and find your sense of inner peace, you deserve it! Thursday Evenings // 6:30pm - 1 hour // Kundalini Global Come with an open mind and willingness to become your own alchemist. This practice is a magical combination of posture and breath, carefully created to transform how you feel. You're invited to play in the quantum field of possibility and choose for yourself who and what it is that you wish to create. Come find out on the mat! ✨ I've decided to rebel against (most) modern technology and am launching these new classes while taking a pretty hardcore digital detox. So... it would be really awesome if you could share the word about these new classes - tell your friends, family, share it on your socials! I'd be hella grateful and I'm sure others would be too! ✨ I'm available via email if you need me and otherwise I'll see you on the mat! ☺️ Any donations will be gratefully received and can be sent to April Moodie here: Please note: the link auto loads at £25 - please make sure you adjust it to the amount you'd like to pay.

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