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100% Organic Single Origin Guatemalan Ceremonial Cacao (Spring)


Sourced from Cacao Source, who support 7 Women's Collectives & 5 Farming Communities.


This organic Spring cacao by Cacao Source is sourced from a family-owned farm in Las Victorias.


Cacao Source share - "Springs cacao magnifies a deep bitterness with coffee and banana accents. Its fat content surpasses most cacaos in the world due to the abundance of water in the village of “Las Victorias” where it grows. Also because it’s genomic lineage was preserved from industrial hybridization."


"Each batch of cacao is carefully fermented, dried, and toasted. The artisanal processing of the seeds allows an extraordinarily high-quality control. Hand peeling allows the women’s collectives to ensure that each bean is in the perfect state."


Ingredients: 100% pure single origin organic cacao paste 

Weight: 454g / 1lb block


Are you running ceremonies and circles?


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Want to know more about the magic of Cacao?


Raw ceremonial cacao is a powerful heart-opening plant medicine, assisting us to expand into our creative flow and access our heart wisdom. It’s also an incredible superfood, packed with huge amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants… full of potassium, phosphorus, calcium, copper, chromium, iron, zinc, and magnesium!


Some of the amazing chemicals from cacao and how they work with our bodies…


Theobromine - translated as ‘Food of the Gods’ this chemical acts as a vasodilator, a smooth muscle relaxant, lowering blood pressure and aiding brain function. It helps to reduce cholesterol and removes toxins from the body. Theobromine is a stimulant with calming properties, which provides a gentle, natural, long-lasting source of energy.


Serotonin - Known as the ‘feel-good chemical’ cacao helps the body naturally produce its own serotonin, combatting stress and improving our mood by promoting feelings of peace, happiness and well-being.


Phenylethylamine (PEA) - Known as "the love chemical," PEA stimulates the central nervous system to release endorphins. It promotes focus, creativity and boosts memory.


Anandamide - Taken from the Sanskrit word ananda which means ‘bliss’, this natural pleasure molecule promotes feelings of joy.

Cacao Source Single Origin Organic Ceremonial Cacao Block - Spring 1lb

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